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Personal Training

If you want to achieve your goals in the shortest and most efficient way, you are in perfect hands with our team of experts! State-of-the-art training methods based on current sports science findings bring both your fitness and your health to the next level. We always take your personal wishes and needs into account. Regardless of your current athletic and physical condition, you can start with us! We provide a 1-to-1 training tailored to you, professional support and advice.

Our concept Customized Functional Training improves you in your everyday life, profession and sport.

“Your body is a complex system that moves in 3-dimensional space.” In a nutshell: You optimize the interaction of your muscles, strength, endurance, flexibility, stability and body awareness through our training.

You achieve the following goals, tailored to you:

  • Holistic strength and muscle building
  • Sustainable body fat reduction and desired figure
  • Upright posture, body tension, freedom of movement/mobility and movement control/stability
  • Endurance skills and movement efficiency
  • Confidence in movement and technique
  • Freedom from discomfort and decrease in susceptibility to injury
  • Structure, predictability, satisfaction and lots of fun

First of all, you get to know our studio and us personally. Then we discuss your goals, wishes and needs. Based on this, we will do a short training session, adapted to your information. This way you get a great overview: Do you like the ambience? Can you work together with the coaches? Do you like our training concept? You will have the most success if you feel comfortable, the communication with the coach is good and you like to come to the training. Finally, we give you all the information about our services and clarify your questions. If you like the non-binding trial training, you book our comprehensive check up.

After you book your free personal training, Felix will take care of you. He will make your initial appointment with you and will be available for questions and advice throughout your time at CFT. Felix will look after you on the training floor. He shows you all the exercises, explains what is important, supports and encourages you. Felix creates your training plan in our app, so that you always have an exact overview and can call up your workouts at any time. So nothing stands in the way of a smooth process and your satisfaction.

If you like your free personal training, you can book your comprehensive check up afterwards. This shows you exactly where you stand and how you can achieve your goals. The Check Up lasts 90 minutes and costs 99 Euros. Furthermore, the Check Up gives you feedback on which training package suits you best. However, the Check Up does not lead to a binding purchase of a personal training package! You can choose between the following personal training packages:

  • Two sessions per week of 45 minutes each, package includes 52 sessions.
  • One session per week of 45 minutes each, package includes 13 or 26 sessions
  • One session every 2 weeks of 60 minutes, package includes 13 or 26 sessions.

Consequently, our small package starts at about 3 months. Below this volume, successes and changes are neither sustainable nor significantly noticeable. If you want to train on business trips or on vacation, we will adapt your workout to your circumstances. Our fee for 45 minutes of personal training starts at 84 Euro. Included are VAT, your training app with your workout plan and weekly schedule, and use of our personal training lounge. You will be supervised by professional sports scientists and long-time trainers. We guarantee you a measurable and noticeable success!


Nutritional Counseling

A diet tailored to your needs will help you achieve your goals faster and maintain your achievements in the long term. At the beginning of the check-up we analyze your eating behavior, your habits, your skills in the kitchen, your daily circumstances and your conditions. We then compare these with your goals. We will find the right adjustments that will allow you to achieve your goals effectively and sustainably. With our nutrition modules, we prepare the perfect nutrition modules for you, which bring you step by step closer to your goals. The improvement of your nutrition goes hand in hand with your well-being and satisfaction. This way you have more energy and motivation for everyday challenges and sports. This is how a successful cycle begins!

Each nutrition module is created for you based on your check-up. Depending on your focus, our modules may cover topics such as:

  • Meal Preparation
  • Sugar-free and whole grain
  • Vegetarian/ Vegan Variety
  • Stress Management and Well Being
  • Performance Nutrition
  • Allergies
  • Proper calorie counting

Each module begins with 45 minutes of 1:1 coaching. In your personal nutrition consultation you will get all the important information you need for your success. Our nutritionist Julia will explain to you how to implement your module correctly and easily. Which foods are important? How do you prepare them for yourself in a tasty, convenient and time-saving way? How do you integrate your module and the associated change comfortably into your everyday life? Your questions will all be answered, so that possible obstacles and motivation lows are not given any room. Furthermore, you will discuss your 3-week diet plan, your recipes and your shopping list with Julia. A lively exchange and feedback are important to us. We want to encourage as well as support you in the best possible way, but never overburden you!

To make it as easy and smart as possible for you to implement your plans, we will give you access to our Customized Functional Nutrition App. The app offers you a clear and structured view of your nutrition plan, your meals, as well as quantities and shopping lists. You can track every food, recipe and your eating behavior. This gives you a comprehensive overview of your calorie intake, the respective nutritional values and your current nutritional situation. At the same time, the app serves as a progress tracker.  With the help of the app barcode scanner, you can also add your own foods and dishes to your food diary and track them. In this way, you will gradually become a nutrition expert yourself. Of course, Julia will explain you how to use the Customized Functional Nutrition App, so that you get to know and appreciate the functions directly. Finally, the app has a chat where you can communicate with Julia between your 1:1 coaching sessions. Your nutritionist is also available via email and phone! For your further support, questions and suggestions, Felix, our Client Success Manager, is also at your side. So nothing stands in the way of a smooth process and your satisfaction.

The Customized Functional Nutrition App is a great support! However, we also always provide you with all documents as a PDF.

If you liked your non-binding get-to-know conversation with Julia, you can book your comprehensive check-up afterwards. This shows you exactly where you stand and how you can achieve your goals. The check-up lasts 75 minutes and costs 99 euros. Furthermore, the check-up gives you feedback on which nutrition modules suit you best. However, the check-up does not lead to a binding purchase of a package!

Our package consists of 4 modules created for you and a final check-out. The modules and the check-out take place in a 3-week rhythm. This creates a 15-week framework in which your successes can flourish. Each nutrition module starts with 45 minutes of 1:1 coaching. For each module you will receive your customized nutrition plan, your varied recipes, shopping lists and your access to our Customized Functional Nutrition App, where everything is stored for you in a simple and clear way. Each module costs 149 Euro. The final check out takes 45 minutes.

Yes, the app can become your co-coach, supporter and motivator. We offer you a monthly subscription, which is constantly renewed for another month if you do not cancel it 2 weeks before the end of the month. The app usage costs 19 Euro per month. Included is a 10-minute feedback session with our nutritionist Julia.

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